Fire Response Planning

TV, radio, SMS and the fire service web sites all now warn us of impending fire weather. During bushfire events regular recommendations are made using these media to urge us to put our bushfire plans into ACTION.  Do you have one? Probably not.

Many of us rely on minimal preparation of our property and the intention to leave early, whenever that is. This strategy has lots of holes in it; for example, who will be home and will a car be at home when fire threatens? Is the safer place actually accessible today; smoke, trees or power lines down, perhaps there is a fire between you and the safer place. Planning a response to a bushfire is a good way to manage the most likely unknowns and the stress of the event.

Our bushfire response plans include a very simple structured plan, with appropriate details, to ensure all family members or employees know and can fulfill their role. The plans include everything from judging the threat on the day, through preparation, fire fighting and evacuation planning and enactment.

This plan will dramatically reduce the risks associated with scrambling to protect property and survive a bushfire.

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