Garden Design

A bushfire doesn't have to approach your house to burn it down. Bushfires produce millions of embers that may rain down on your property from a considerable distance away.  Each ember can ignite a spot fire in fine fuels, such as leaves and twigs or even wooden decks, doors and window frames. We can design a fuel management plan that will reduce the risk of your building igniting during a bushfire.  

Garden Design

Burning gardens and storage areas can ignite houses during a bushfire. 

We can design a practical garden and storage layout that includes amenity, plenty of attractive plants and reduces the risks posed by bushfire.

Fuel reduction 

Bushfires burn and spread through fine fuels, such as leaves and twigs.  Burning fine fuels ignite larger fuels such as branches and logs (and houses). The accumulation of fine fuel in and around houses and in the bush can both be managed.   

On larger properties fuel reduction burns or other fuel reduction strategies may be useful. We can design a fuel management plan that will help reduce the intensity of wildfires.

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